Happy New Year Dreams


Five days into the new year and I’m excited about the advocacy plans I want to implement. I’m asking God to give me the courage to see them through. I need to become my old – new self. And what I mean by that is, when I was younger, whenever I put my mind to something – BOOM – I acted on it! For example moons ago a friend & I put together an awesome event for the fans of the NFL NY Giants! I’m talking players and all. I need to have that same courage, but with my new self.

2013 is truly a new everything for me. A new year, a new walk as a non-caregiver, a new walk without parents…I’m left to my own thoughts and actions and it’s not scary, it’s just new. Mom was always a factor in my life and now as wonderful as new experiences and change can be, it’s also sad to know why I am at this place. But it’s time to move forward and personally there are many things I need to do, as well as celebrate the 100th Anniversary of my sorority Delta Sigma Theta and start working on my Alz Advocacy plan. I also promise to blog more and I’m looking to do some cool things with Confessions….stay tuned.

While I enjoy the last few weeks of the NFL season and of my favorite player Ray Lewis’ career in the sport (tear), I wish you all a prosperous 2013 and may all of your dreams and more come true!




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