This Had Me Thinking Of Mom


Ever have one of those moments when you see something and it makes you smile, laugh and think of a person or memory? I was looking up quotes by the wise one Dr. Seuss, when I came across this picture with those words and it gave me a laugh. All I could do was think of my mom.

See mom was 5’2″ (I think she was closer to 5 ft. 1″ when she passed, but shhh I’ll never say LOL) and I stand at 5’8″. Needless to say I towered over her, but whenever I called her shorty, she used to say, “I was the tallest in my family” (meaning taller than her mom and sister, her dad was taller but not by much).  And then she and my friend Sonya used to tease one another over who was taller. She called Sonya “Peanut”, Sonya called her “Shorty”…Sonya had her beat, but she hung in there trying to get on her tippy-toes. Those funny wars were unfamiliar to me…the tall one.

So when I saw the quote, “a person’s a person  no matter how small”, all I could do was smile and think of those days with Sonya and mom, and mom telling me how “tall” she was.

I miss you Shorty!



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