Caregiver Survival Tips

Whether you’re a new Caregiver or a seasoned one, preparation is key. If you’re a seasoned Caregiver what you probably know by now is that no matter “how” much you prepare for an event, a trip, guests, etc., Alzheimer’s can flip the script.

I’m providing tips provided by the Dept. of Aging that will help new Givers get organized and remind seasoned ones on things we may have forgotten. From personal experience some of these tips aren’t always easy to achieve, and I recommend to do the best you can in your circumstances. These are great reminders that give you a place to start, so you will be able to gage where you are in your new normal and decide on whether you need assistance or if you’re surviving well for now.


  1. Plan ahead
  2. Learn about available resources
  3. Take one day at a time
  4. Develop contingency plans
  5. Accept help
  6. Make YOUR health a priority
  7. Get enough rest and eat properly
  8. Make time for leisure
  9. Be good to yourself
  10. Share your feelings with others

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