Welcome to Confessions of a Master Caregiver. Here you’ll get much more than the facts about Alzheimer’s, but funny and heartfelt stories of my personal journey as a now former unexpected caregiver, anecdotes for those trying moments, the latest news, introducing partners in this fight to END ALZ and yes, the health and fitness of it all.


I’m a writer, journalist, author, creative, sports lover, speaker and daughter… and not in any particular order, whose life was touched by Alzheimer’s. My maternal grandmother and later my mom were both afflicted with Alz. I already had a sense of the disease having seen how it affected my grandmother, but for my mom, I was full on numero uno, singular, full-time caregiver. It was overwhelming to say the least, but my cousins Camille and Allison, hey girls suggested that I write about it, knowing that I’m a writer. Excuse me? But no thank you, helping my mother with her day-to-day changes was tough enough, I didn’t want to rehash what I was experiencing.

But after a moment to breathe or a walk with my dog Polo, I realized perhaps they’re on to something and that writing my story, telling about my journey could help others like me, who have no clue on what to do and where to begin. My trial by fire could lessen the flame for others. Thinking of the bigger picture I dove right in, but what to name my blog?

At the time, I followed Sandra Bullock’s sister Gesine’s baking blog, which at the time was called, Confections of a Master Baker and I thought to myself, that’s kind of catchy and hence, “Confessions of a Master Caregiver” was born. Was I a master at caregiving? Nope, but they say, you have to think it to become it and I was putting it out into the universe that I was a master caregiver…..or at least I was going to be one.

Unfortunately I lost my mom on April 1st, 2012. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. Those were challenging times, fun ones too, as her caregiver, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world and I know that I am a stronger person for it. And while there are moments when I wonder if I did all that I could, I can rest knowing she was cared for and loved immensely and now she’s with my dad continuing to be my protectors, just from a higher place.




  1. Dear Gentleperson:

    Jean Simmons, who is such a blessing to our family, gave me your website info. I was born and raised in Wildwood, FL and returned in 2006 after spending 40 years in NYC and Chicago to help with my mother after I was able to take an early retirement at age 62. It was not until a year ago or so that I realized that something unusual was going on with my mother. At the end of last year, she was diagnosed with “Vascular Dementia.” Still, we are greatly blessed. She has her bad days when she wonders what has happened to her husband, or her sister or her mother, but then there are other days when she brings me so much joy. I am her son and she is my mother. From the beginning, we have had a duty to each other. She has done for me everything that a mother is required to do for her son. I am proud that the Creator has placed in my heart the will to fullfill my duty to her.

    I am grateful that you have the courage and the character to speak the truth regarding the issues that you face. You are a blessing to your mother and you are a blessing to us.

    Peace and Love.


    1. Hi Sam
      Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate you taking time out to visit and read my blog. My name is Pam and Jean is my cousin and she too is and has been such a blessing!
      I’m sorry to hear about your mom and am glad to have an outlet such as my blog to let other caregivers and family members know they’re not alone in this walk.

      It was recommended to write about my experiences some time ago and initially it was hard for me to write about what was giving me the most angst and stress. But as time went on
      I discovered in my journey that there wasn’t much aid or assistance for caregivers and we found ourselves out-scaled for most programs. The Alzheimer’s Association is wonderful
      in leading the charge for Alzheimer’s care, but there’s very little help for the caregiver. I decided that I wanted to start a charity to help other caregivers with services or daily needs and from this desire to
      help came my choice to write this blog. I hope it can serve as a vehicle to let others know theyre not alone in this walk, to give encouragement and inspiration and as I discover new information, to pay it forward.

      Thank you again for reading and I hope you continue to stick with me. I need to get more posts going but as you can imagine being a caregiver can get me backed up on things. And if you find myblog
      to be good or interesting, I would love to receive your nomination at for one of the best Alzheimer’s blogs at: http://www.medicalassistantschools.org/top_alzheimers/nominate/
      All you’ll need to do is input my blog’s web address which is http://www.confessionsofamastercaregiver.wordpress.com

      Take care and I look to see more comments in the future!


      I forgot a word in my web address, it’s updated.

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