My 2nd Anniversary Thank You


I can’t believe Wednesday, December 19th, made two years that I have been writing this blog! Of course I missed posting this on the actual day, but none-the-less I’m here and with great gratitude for my readers. And to think, I didn’t want to do a blog about Alzheimer’s, I didn’t want to write about my pain, my embarrassment, my mom’s changes, my confusion….it was cutting me deeply.

Initially I wondered would anyone want to read a blog about Alzheimer’s because the illness has such a stigma, and then I wondered what if people did read my posts, HOW then would they perceive me to be? Would they think I was an ungrateful daughter because I dare say some not so nice things or would they understand I’m just trying to find my way as I faced a new daily adventure? Thankfully those who were and are on the same path can read it with grace and understanding.

Then when I decided to take the next step and put myself on twitter…(another thing I was fighting), I can’t even begin to tell you how my world opened up! The community who gave me and gives me continued support, kind words, funny words and heartfelt stories of their own that let me know I am not alone in this walk. Caregivers know the daily grind will have you feeling isolated, somehow you have to find a moment to read a post, a tweet or seek out an organizations’ website with information that will remind you that you’re not alone.

As this blog was new, so too is my current journey transitioning from caregiver to a new normal with no name. And now it’s learning how to be…and how to be a new and better advocate.

So to all of you who are following my blog, I THANK YOU. For those of you who took time to read and like a post, make a comment, send me good vibes, I THANK YOU. To Maria Shriver who has allowed my words to grace her blog, I THANK YOU. For Leeza Gibbons (and Maria) who I hope to meet and who has given me encouraging words, I THANK YOU. For friends, family and sorority sisters who’ve held me down, I THANK YOU, to the Alzheimer’s organizations and individuals who provided information for me to share and are toiling endlessly to END ALZ, I THANK YOU and to….

Sam Howe, Colette Cassidy, Caitlin Johnston/Memory Mats, I Remember Better/Hilgos Foundation, Kai, Christine Grote, Creativity in Care, J Voyageur & Chris, Kelly, Ellen and Daniel Potts , Mary Agnes Kelly, Mary Margaret, I am very thankful to have you all, who never questioned my angst, my tears, my hope, my joy, tiring days and life as a caregiver. For the endless amount of joy, support, encouragement and upliftment you have shown me, through your pictures, posts, tweets and advocacy that have made me laugh, cry, and nod my head in agreement, I know you’re right there with me….and I THANK YOU.




  1. God bless you Pam. Sharing your story sheds light and provides comfort for all of us who have been dealt this hand in the game called LIFE. Stay strong and I wish you a wonderful holiday!

  2. As a caregiver and fellow human being I understand ALL of what you’ve said and felt – I’ve been there too. Sharing the journey helps ease the burden, know we’re not alone and there are others to hold us when things get difficult. Thank you for speaking out about it all.

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