It’s my 4 year Blogiversary


Another year has rolled around and I truly thank all of you who took the time to read my posts, make a comment and ride along with me on this journey of discovery.

Thank you for your patience if you enjoy my posts and haven’t seen too many of them lately. I promise to be better. As I had to adapt to my life as a caregiver, I’m learning to adapt to my life’s new normal. Everyday presents a newness, but I still am facing way more than I can too. I can’t say that I’ve fully accepted this. I don’t crave the caregiver life, but what it represented and who I cared for I do miss. I get overwhelming sadness thinking of my parents and yet find the joy in knowing they were the greatest. There is much I’m still wading through and I thank you for reading, for understanding and I welcome you to share your stories.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, this blog was for my creative release and while that still holds true, it’s for you to learn, share and know there’s a strong advocate in your corner. Four years going strong and looking forward to doing bigger and better!

From the bottom to the top of my hear…..THANK YOU!



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