November is also… National Family Caregiver Month


Family members, friends, and neighbors devote countless hours to providing care to their relatives or loved ones. During National Family Caregivers Month, we recognize and thank the humble heroes who do so much to keep our families and communities strong.”

President Barack Obama, NFC Month Proclamation 2012

I am a big Alzheimer’s advocate, but my journey has led me to become just as big or even bigger advocate for caregivers. You never know where life experiences will lead you and when my first reaction was to fight the hand dealt to me, I choose to work with it and become a voice for others.

Caregiving is selfless, even when you don’t want it to be. In all honesty there are times when you want your moments, when you want your time and depending on the nature of the illness or disease of your loved one or the one that you’re in care of, you just are not able to break away. YOU – caregiver have to change your thought process, your life and your emotions…YOU, in order to be the best you and to be the best caregiver.

This isn’t a competition, it’s doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability, finding a way sometimes out of no way and knowing no matter how small the deed, you’re making a difference even if it’s not recognized by anyone.

So this former caregiver says to you…. thank you for all that you do, during the weary nights and long days, take a bow, give yourself a pat on the back, and a BIG hug from me.

If you wish to honor a caregiver go here:





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