It’s Time To Change The Tag Line


unnamedHello followers and friends, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a new post. So much has been transitioning in my life that unfortunately my blog and advocacy life has been pushed to the physical wayside BUT never the mental wayside. I’ve been writing notes to self, getting ideas my ideas on down and thinking about my next steps, my next BIG move out on faith steps!

In my life that is continually full of change, I realized that it is time, perhaps past time to change the blog’s tag line. The original tag was: The musings of a daughter’s journey as an unexpected caregiver, well I will always be a daughter and my journey shall continue, but life as a caregiver has sadly ceased. And those who have been following me or know me, understand that my role as caregiver was not a cake walk, but I’d gladly take it back to have my mother again and that is why I say “sadly ceased”, because she was the one I was taking care of.

So the role changed, but the journey is my journey and there are still many things to share. Whether we’re on the same path or you’re starting or further along than I am, there is still Alzheimer’s and caregivers news, information and resources to share and of course stories from my point of view.

I promise to be a better in posting information, to continue sharing my journey and those of others and to bring some new energy to my blog and advocacy.

As for that new tagline….The musings on life post Alzheimer’s, caregiving, and new OMG moments,
yep this is where I am at!!



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