Happy Birthday Mom…Balloon Release

balloonsIt’s another October 27th, my mom’s birthday and it will forever be a day I celebrate differently. I always took joy in birthday celebrations, any celebrations for that fact because my parents always made birthdays, holidays from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter and the days in between for each of them very special. I am very thankful for that, very grateful for growing up in a home full of love and celebration.

So naturally it makes my new normal a little sad because they are not here to celebrate in the physical, but I promise to celebrate them as best as I can in my own personal way. I’m still going to have that party in honor of my mother one day, but my current circumstances not allowing for it, I did a little something to signify the day that will hopefully make someone’s day.

Today I released balloons in mom’s memory. I released a red one – her favorite color, also the color of heart health and Delta Sigma Theta of course, and purple for Alzheimer’s Awareness. I attached an anonymous note saying it was my mother’s birthday and in the purple balloon there is a dollar. Not much but I’m sure it’ll make someone’s day.

I’ve attached the vid of the release. Here’s the thing, it wasn’t too windy of a day so I wondered how far the balloons would fly, but up and far away, until they were out of sight. Seeing them go as high as the clouds brought tears to my eyes as if they knew exactly where to go…flying towards my mom in heaven.

Happy Birthday Mommy….Love you & Miss You!


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