Another heartfelt change


Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 10.55.48 PM
R.I.P. Polo Barone Rivers

Sorry followers and readers of Confessions…I have been in the midst of some changes, emotional ones, physical ones and as of just a little over a week ago, deep cutting heartfelt ones as I had to say good bye to my beloved friend, pet and bestie, the love of my life….Polo.

His health started getting worse which affected his breathing and I had to think of his quality of life which was most important. The peace I have is that he’s in a better and healthier place and that he’s with my mom. But his loss cuts deeply and being in a new city I miss his presence even greater as he was my little companion.

His loss I guess even further magnifies the fact that mom, heck both of my parents are gone and I am once again facing a new normal. After mom passed as with any caregiver there is that feeling of what now, what’s next because life, though ever changing in the Alzheimer’s world, is routine and a comfort zone. So caring for my dog while different still had me in the “caring of” mode. Now I have to be the full time caregiver to myself, a role very unfamiliar to myself.

I know in the upcoming days/weeks, my thoughts will be circling the wagons, thank goodness I’m a list person which will be a great guide for my blogging as I start to feel like myself again and see where this journey of life takes me.

I haven’t stopped in my mission in what I want to do and say for caregivers, lovegivers and Alzheimer’s! I smacked into pause and now it’s time to fast-forward into becoming.



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