Researchers Discover 5 New Alzheimer’s Disease Genes

As reported in Nature Genetics, new studies which sought to identify new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer’s disease discovered  five additional genes linked to Alzheimer’s, doubling the number of genes believed to contribute to the disease. The genetic risk factored to each of these newly identified genes is not large, but they may help point researchers towards new ideas. It’s known that advancing brain cell failure is the cause for Alzheimer’s but researchers are trying to find out why it fails.  Finding more risk factors will deepen researchers understanding of why Alzheimer’s develops in some people and not others.

The Alzheimer’s Association has shared some of the other risk factors for getting Alzheimer’s:

➺ Age and Alzheimer’s: not everyone who gets old will develop Alzheimer’s, but getting old does factor into getting Alzheimer’s

➺ Family History: Family history is another factor. If you have a parent or sibling with the illness you are more likely to develop the disease.

➺ Genetics : There are Risk Genes which increase the likelihood of developing the disease, but do not guarantee it will happen.

To learn more about gene studies visit the Alzheimer’s Association – Genes.


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