The Tiredness of it All

Its been an unbelievably tiring week. One week I can be full of energy, well rather, some what full of energy and then I can have a week like this past one, where I’m struggling to get my mom into bed at a decent time and in turn that wrecks my sleep, my mood and my weight loss journey.

She’s a bit of a night owl like me, but when her tiredness doesn’t kick in, oh goodness, getting her to bed is a chore! I get her in the bed, she gets out or I deal with it in early the morning where she’ll get up at 4:30 as she did one day or 5:30 as she did on another day this week and she won’t go back to sleep. The back and forth of getting her in bed, telling her its too early for breakfast is draining.

I’ve dealt with this before and I know it’s another sign of my mother’s change. My next step is to speak with her doctor about getting her back on sleeping pills. She was on a mild dosage before, but honestly even that didn’t help much. I believe it’s more about her internal clock. I also know having her get more exercise and movement will help too. With the bad weather there hasn’t been a lot of getting out, but I did say I would get her to the on-site gym. Not only will it help with her staying asleep, but it will also help with her health. Which in turn will help with mine.


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