As 2020 leaves…

In less than an hour we will be ringing in 2021. I’m still in disbelief of that and that I haven’t posted in over a year. On my Instagram page I wrote in November of how I felt badly about being an advocate for caregivers and Alzheimer’s and couldn’t get the words from head to the page. And I quote “…all that thought of was what I hadn’t done all year in that advocating space. Overwhelmingly I felt I have been letting caregivers down. I was motivated yet blocked….”

As this holiday season and year winds down, I am preparing to be better in my advocating space. and yet remember a quote that I saw “You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.” I’m moving forward and reminding myself to figure it out as I go. Cheers to a better, brighter, healthy New Year!


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