NFL Players Tackle Alzheimer’s in the My Cause My Cleats Initiative


During week13 of the NFL season you may have noticed player’s cleats looking a bit different, a bit unique, a bit custom.

As part of their new initiative, My Cause My Cleats, NFL players wore custom cleats to raises awareness and proceeds for the charities that they are passionate about.

Due to the success of the NFL’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its Salute to Service program, the use of custom cleats—pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and camouflage for Salute to Service—sparked an idea, and after talking with various players, the My Cause My Cleats initiative was born.

Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s senior vice president of social responsibility, mentioned to Bleacher Report this has been a concept two years in the making. “It was important to give players a platform for their stories to come out and be told. We also wanted to make sure there was a visual element to tell those stories.

Anyone who knows me, will know that football is my favorite sport and for the number of hits (no pun intended) that the NFL takes at times; I want to give them some love for this awesome initiative and for allowing a little fun with the uniforms.

If you’re looking to become an advocate for a cause, there are several foundations and charities represented by the players that provide a great launch point and I have included the pdf below that features most, if not all, of the players who participated in this campaign and their corresponding causes.

And though there are many great causes represented, I have to give a huge Thank You to David Amerson (#29) of the Oakland Raiders, Brandon Coleman (#16) and De’Vante Harris (#21) of the New Orleans Saints, Stephon Gilmore (#24) of the Buffalo Bills, Mike Iupati (#76) and Stefán Taylor (#30) of the Arizona Cardinals, who choose to stand up for Alzheimer’s and are giving a voice to end this disease.

David Amerson’s cleats
Brandon Coleman’s cleats



My Cause My Cleats


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