October 27th – Happy Birthday Mom

Mom Preggers

If you’re blessed to have a good one, even better a great one, there’s nothing like a Mother’s love.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my mom, think about how much impact she’s had and still has on my life, how often I wonder about my future because I don’t have her in it anymore and when will the pang of pains not be so hard felt?

So now I try to honor her the best way I can and ask God to help me do so. I keep her memory alive within me and pray for a continued healthy mind that I will always remember and when I have children of my own I will be able to tell them about her and my dad. I work to keep my mind active because I know from caring for her how sad and challenging it can be when your mind goes from Alzheimer’s. I work to keep my mind active for her.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom you are missed, but you are loved and I know you are in the greatest company. xoxo



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