Whoa, wait….I’m still here


Hey Confessioners…hmm, maybe not the best nickname, but followers, friends and fans of  my blog, I am not lost. I have been going through the changes of life, still figuring out what my life is supposed to look like and yet learning, that in God’s time I will learn what my life is supposed to look like.

All in all, I’m sorry I’ve been so distant while thinking about what to write. I used to write about the caregiver life that was so challenging, but I’ve been echoing, that perhaps this post-caregiver life is a tad bit more challenging. I think it’s because not only do I have to deal with death, and all that comes with losing a loved one, but also what comes with re-creating a life from this loss. And while it may be easy for some, it has been more than stressful for me because I had to uproot and transition a lot in the past few years. Things seem to be simmering down, but there is a part of me that is a bit nervous about because I have been transitional, too transitional.

In the meantime, the blog and the caregiver voice it is becoming has been holding its own and I’m getting compliments, as mentioned made the finalist list again with SeniorHomes.com and some new opportunities have been offered to make my blog a stronger voice hopefully. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association in NYC and will be a Chair of a Committee to later be discussed.

July’s here, summer’s here….it’s 2014 – part deux, and time to ramp up my efforts and blog, blog, blog.

Sending love and patience to all caregivers and remember in the midst of the Alzheimer’s storm to communicate and meet your loved one where they are at. Stay tuned for some great things to do with a person who has Alzheimer’s.



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