I Would LOVE Your Vote….My Blog Is Nominated For SeniorHomes 2014 In Best Blogs By Individuals Category


You did it for me last year and once again I would GREATLY APPRECIATE your vote!!

Confessions of a Master Caregiver has the honor of being nominated to the SeniorHomes.com Best Senior Living Awards 2014 in the Best Blogs by Individuals category.

For those of you unfamiliar with my story, I became a reluctant blogger about my journey as a caregiver because my life had become very unfamiliar, very uncertain, heck my life was tough and there I was in the midst of putting my life togther and BOOM became an unexpected caregiver (former title line in my blog).

But as I learned more about Alzheimer’s and the effects, I knew there were others new to this walk like me, new to the life as a caregiver and to the new normal that has become their life and perhaps in sharing my story thoughts and things that were happening in my life, it could benefit them. It could show them that though yo may feel alone, you are not alone in this walk.

Confessions was started out of confusion, but greatly out of love and I am so ever greatful for starting this blog!  Your vote for my blog is a vote supporting another voice, my voice for Alzheimer’s and those who do the Care and Love-giving.

I say thank you to my readers and followers and hope you click on “like”! To vote you may click on the “I’ve been nominated button” on my sidebar or vote here http://www.seniorhomes.com/d/confessions-of-a-master-caregiver/2014-best-senior-living-awards/

Thank you in advance for your vote and support of this blog.




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