Merry Christmas And Warm Caregiving Wishes


Glowing-Christmas-Trees_FullHDWpp.com_1 Wishing my readers and followers a wonderful Christmas Day and holiday season! To those of you with Alzheimer’s, Caregivers former Givers such as myself and those in the fight against Alzheimer’s, thank you for all that you do and/or did. I understand the holidays can bring on an extra stress, but please try to find some joy, some peace and a moment of thanks in the midst of what can be chaos.

I understand and know first-hand that is easier said than done, but I wish those calm moments for you and your loved one. Put on some holiday music, music is always soothing to a person with Alzheimer’s, share photo memories and make new ones. Let your loved one perhaps help with the cookie making (who cares how they come out) it’s all about the shared activity and find “your” best way to cope. Just please make sure to cope.

Sending love, light and encouragement!




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