Best Apps to Help Your Memory


Sometime last year I heard there are some applications available for iPhone and iPad that help to train and boost your memory. Naturally living in a world that is all about memory and what happens to a person when it starts to fade, I want to do all that I can do now to help me for later. Whether you’re in the worlds of Alzheimer’s or not, I believe learning about ways to boost the memory is good for everyone. Here are a few of those recommended apps all available on itunes.

iCue Memory (iPhone) – this app is officially endorsed by the USA Memory Championship and includes 3 games. Scoring is based on memorization time, number of items memorized, recall time and accuracy.

Vismory Visual Memory (iPhone & iPad) – in this funny game you memorize shapes, colors, and positions of small beautifully crafted 3D objects, and then answer challenges.

Camera Eye (iPhone) – is a fun and intriguing game that has four modes that not only improve your memory by challenging your brain to memorize new things, but it claims to also improves your reading speed significantly!

Memory Boost (iPhone & iPad) – in eight entertaining lessons and videos Memory Boost: Advanced Methods to Improve Your Memory – help to sharpen and expand your memory by combining the latest memory improvement techniques with how-to video.

Lumosity Brain Trainer (iPhone & iPod) – just a few minutes a day these 10 brain games improve your cognitive abilities such as memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility and problem solving.

Improve Your Memory (iPhone) – this is a fun test that exercises and improves your long term memory with picture sequences.

Portrait Health Brain Teasers (iPhone) – designed by an expert group of Scientists this app helps to test your brain in the five important areas: word skills, critical thinking, memory, visual perception and coordination.

Memory Pro (iPad) – using animation and animal cards this FREE memory game improves your short-term memory and sensory memory skills.

Memory Mice IQ Brain Teaser (iPhone) – this user friendly game which is also good for kids, tests your ability to memorize sequences of numbers and letters.




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