September is designated World Alzheimer’s Month

November is “National” Alzheimer’s Month, not to be confused with September 21st which is “World’s” Alzheimer’s Day. On this day, the Alzheimer’s Association joined other organizations for this global day of action. This year, instead of having just the one day, the Association has designated the entire month of September as World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM). During this inaugural designated month, the Association asks that you wear purple on September 21st for World Alzheimer’s Day.

There are several ways to get involved and to raise money for awareness. If you’re planning a fundraiser event for the Sept. 21st, click here and you can get a free kit with stickers that say “The End of Alzheimer’s Starts With Me”

If you’re doing a fundraiser, get creative, run a race, make a donation or participate in a walk. To learn about this day and other ways to raise money, go the the Association’s site.


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