Brain and Body Health Connection – A Personal Moment About Gut Health


I’ll be standing firmly on two feet soon (old pic) and while my foot’s healing, my system needs to as well. I’m speaking about “gut health”.

My journey of eating better, is bigger than working to lose those extra pounds. In addition to learning about the brain and body heath connection I’ve been learning about the importance of gut health. 

I have an intolerance to gluten. I’m not allergic, I can eat it, but it’s better for my system if I don’t. When the discovery was made years ago I shared this with my then nutritionist, and she explained how this is a contributing factor to the slowing of my metabolism. I‘d start off well, finding new food alternatives, I discovered a love for Whole Foods, but sure enough the old habits started coming back.

Now years later having developed other issues, it all starts replaying in my mind.

Gluten isn’t the sole cause of my issues and being older …..and wiser, I’m discovering my on-again, off-again digestive issues such as gerd and non-acid reflux, coupled with an inflammatory illness, can no longer be chalked up as a thing that happens after I eat certain foods. I’m fully grasping that what I’ve been putting into my body or gut over time (along with age, hormones, and environment) have affected my system.

My changes now are about more than reaching goals on a scale, it’s about lifestyle changes, getting educated and consistent in what I do, and eating what‘s healthy for my root. 

To paraphrase @drpedre in comparing our bodies to a tree. You wouldn’t heal a tree by putting medicine on its leaves, you tend to it from the roots. Our digestive system/gut is the root of our bodies and that’s where our focus should begin. #health #wellness #fitness #workingtowellness #brainbodyconnection


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