National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness & Family Caregiver Month

Another November is here and another November where advocates and families of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or those serving as Caregivers to someone with Alz is in the continues trenches for a cure. We’re always at work, but November, our dedicated month is time to shine brighter, walk further, and  advocate harder.

My day one was spent doing social media outreach, networking and letting people on those outlets to look out, because I will be bombarding them with information. But not bombarding you all mindlessly, but to hopefully to provide information that will be enlightening, empowering, and of course mixed in with some fun.

I also listened to most of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement’s live stream today ( I was at work so I had to listen when I could, LOL). Great panelists, great information, some I was able to jot down quickly and for what I missed, I will go back and get. If you missed it I caught it on Maria Shriver’s Facebook page.

It’s only day one, and I know how I can get, I want to keep going and going as ideas and to-do’s pop into my head. I’m in full-on information overload, which I need to sort out to bring you the best information that I can. And in the meantime, I wish you all a healthful brain day and month.





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